July 2017

A Note from Team Thespo

Hey! Almost didn’t see you there!
Did you get those printouts I asked you for?

Oh wait, you’re not here for The First Call work, you’re reading the Thespo Ink! It is all so jumbled up, I tell you – with so much going on!

We’ve got The First Call in Bombay on the 17th plus there’s The First Calls in different cities AND in colleges! So many new people have come in and are already putting in so much for Thespo. We couldn’t be more excited and grateful!
Putting together the Ink in the midst of all this has been a different journey altogether. This month, we are also extending to a blog, working on design and ideas and putting it all together! We also plan to archive all our old articles on the blog, so do go check it out!
Meghana Telang is all WOKE in Young Perspective, while Gaurangi talks to Yugandhar Deshpande – one of the city’s youngest curators and playwrights. We talk to Anubhuti, a Delhi Theatre Group currently making waves with their street play, A. Thespo 18 participants make their presence felt in the new year too. Sindhuri Nandakumar talks about Creases In My Saree, a play that found international acclaim in Sri Lanka and Canada and Shivraj Waichal drops by for a Quick 8.

There’s also in-house weirdo Soumya with a quiz about popular musicals – so pause, guess and have a laugh!
Let us know how you like issue! Meanwhile, we must go back to travelling across cities and colleges, packing production kits and welcoming all the newbies and the oldies!

So….. see you soon?


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