September 2017

Note From Team Thespo

Hey there Manmaujis of Theatre,

A really big pat on the back to all you theatrewaalas out there. No really. Registrations have never been crazier. You guys have broken all records bringing in a whopping 140 registrations with 13 different languages across 17 cities and 2 countries in spite of no extensions on the registration date and no acceptance of late fees. Phew! The office is in full gear whipping up a schedule for the screenings, partnering with inter-collegiate fests, going the wacky way on our social media and so much more.

This month’s issue of the Thespo Ink crosses over to Singapore to know more about its Theatre Arts Conference with Nishna Mehta in Theatre Across Borders. Esha Patil talks to theatre artist Abhinav Grover about his attachment to traditional Indian performances. One of our own, Manavi Keer nudged on by Mati Rajput fondly reminisces the trauma of regressive youth theatre. Star-in-making Abhishek Krishnan gives a quick peek into his theatre life in Quick 8 and writer – director Rahul da Cunha shares the top 4 plays off his shelf. And lastly indulge into some wacky theatre puns because you really can never have enough of those!

Do let us know how you liked this issue at while we go back to gearing up for the screening.

See you at the festival!


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