February 2018


We are back after the festival and oh what a festival it has been. Thespo 19 dialled up the drama – big time and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thespo 19- a year of so many firsts. New cities, new countries, new activities, performance installations, and a crew that came together from across 15 cities to celebrate theatre and Thespo.

Withdrawal symptoms are surely visible, but here we are with our first 2018 edition of the Ink! Alistar Bennis becomes chatty with Matthew Wasser about theatre and technology. Esha Patil unfolds the journey of the budding artists from Ahmednagar and Reema Sunil storms through the festival in the Festival Flashback. Kalpak Bhave, our very own enthu cutlet, reminisces over his recent encounter with the Wada Trilogy in Young Perspective! Oh and don’t forget to catch up on reading plays recommended by none other than Dr. Mohan Agashe and while you are at it, sip your chai to Zayn Marie Khan’s Quick 8!

Let us know how you like the issue on ink@thespo.org, while we gear up to recruit the next team for Thespo, and travel around the country with the Natyakala workshops!


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