March 2018

Note from Team Thespo

There you are!

We have been looking for you every where!

Why? Because, we may have the team for the next year in place! (Shush… it is still a secret, but we will tell you soon, promise!) Also, we are gearing up for World Theatre Day this month (We’ll let you in on the date, its 27th!). Yes a lot is happening and the craziness for the year has begun!

Anyhoo, in other news, we are back with our 14th edition of Thespo Ink! We have our usuals, Alistar Bennis catching up with Vaishnavi RP and Shivangi Nigam in Dialogues, while Esha Patil crosses borders, in conversation with Paprika Theatre. The special brew of the issue is Nimi Ravindran’s amazing reading list. Budding artist features, Thespo’s home grown boy, Adi Shastri and quickly catch up with Keith Sequeira in Quick 8, before he gets too busy with Aladdin.

Do let us know, if you have any feedback for us! You can write to us at

In the meantime, we are all set to bring to you Thespo 17’s favourite play, “Lassanwala” and a direction workshop by none other than Sunil Shanbag this 3rd and 4th April!


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