July 2018

Note from Team Thespo

“Guys it has to go to print right now!” “Yeah yeah, but has anyone seen the décor box?” “Yes it’s right next to the registration desk stuff” “Oh cool, I’m heading off to rehearsals no – Whoa, I almost didn’t see you there. Sorry about that, the First Call is tomorrow and the office is in full swing.

But the Ink is back with its 16th edition and is all about to set the tone for the most dramatic year of all!

This month’s issue gets over its fear of boundaries with Josephine Joy in Theatre Across Borders. Buzz through Esha’s conversation with Mallika Singh in Budding Artists and then allow Nishna Mehta to take you over her theatre journey in Quick 8. Stock up on wacky theatre facts with As You Like It and finally, for an update on The First Call, next month’s Thespo at Prithvi and the general craziness in office, check out What’s on at Thespo.

We are always glad to have feedback from you! Write to us at ink@thespo.org.

Editors – Reema Sunil & Srishti Ray

Design – Reema Sunil & Srishti ray

Cover Design – Srishti Ray


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