Quick 8

with Keith Sequeira

Q. Embarrassing goof up on stage?




Q. The craziest way you have come up with a note/composition/tune?



Q. The most unusual place you have performed at?



Q. An audience response you will never forget.



Q. One major difference between a musical and a regular theatre piece.



Q. The most innovative instrument you have played?




Q. A memorable ad-lib


Q. A social media caption you really like?



with Zayn Marie Khan





with Abhishek Krishnan

Abhishek Krishnan is a performing artist, trained as an actor, singer, dancer, based in Mumbai. He graduated from The DUENDE School in 2016, and since then has been taking the Bombay theatre scene by storm – as Young Gandhi in Gandhi The Musical, one of Mother Courage’s titular children and a variety of other plays.quick-8-011.png


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with Shivraj Waichal



Shivraj Waichal took the Marathi inter-collegiate stage by storm a few years ago with a one-act called Ulagaddi which he wrote, directed and starred in. Then he went on to act in a Marathi TV romcom and a webseries, never letting theatre out of his sight. So his interactions with mimes and one-acts continued before he arrived at Thespo 18 with a solo play and took home awards for direction and acting yet again. To sum it up, Shivraj Waichal is a bossman


What is one memorable goof up on stage?

We were doing a children’s play, based on Charlie Chaplin. One of our actors couldn’t control his laugh, So everyone on stage cracked. The play was stopped for half minute

If you turned into an object one day, what prop would you be? 

A pipe. I’ve always wanted to play a character that smokes a pipe. I like watching other actors use a pipe on stage too. Even design wise, it has a lot of elegance.

What do you enjoy better – a solo play or sharing the stage with your team?

I enjoy sharing the stage with the team

One thing you miss from college theatre

The emotional bonds

If you had to give up one of these forever, what would you give up – Mime or Monologue?

I will give up monologue. Personally, I’m not somebody who likes to talk. Real theatre comes from the silence. Once spoken, what was personal immediately dilutes. And the art of mime is so abstract in its sense, there are no limitations.

Do you prefer being directed or directing yourself?

Directing Myself

Which aspect of theatre do you like the best? 


If you could be on a Charlie Chaplin film set for a day, which film would you pick?

Modern Times.  I’ve watched it a million times. So much happens in the movie. The sets are huge and the drama is all dialled up. And who would want to miss Charlie singing in gibberish!